Newspaper headlines

2018Dec27 In Big Bounce Stocks Escape Bear Territory

2016Jun25: Investors Gripped by a Panic Last Seen in '08

Sat2011Aug06: S&P downgrades debt rating of U.S. for the first time
Tue2011Aug09: Stocks resume free fall on fear over economic and credit woes

2008Sep16: Wall St. in worst loss since '01 despite reassurances by Bush

1998Sep01: Dow off 6% in wave of selling, erasing market's gains for '98; pressure for rate cut likely

1997Oct28: Stocks fall 554 points, off 7%, forcing suspension in trading

1988Jan09: Task Force Ties Market Collapse To Big Investors' Program Trades

1987Oct20: Stocks plunge 508 points, a drop of 22.6%; 604 million volume nearly doubles record

1962May29: Stock prices dive in sharpest loss since 1929 break

1955Sep27: Stock Prices Off Sharply: Loss Is Put at $14 Billion

1929Oct30: Stocks collapse in 16,410,030 share day, but rally at close cheers brokers; bankers optimistic, to continue aid
1929Oct29: Stock prices slump $14,000,000,000 in nation-wide stampede to unload; bankers to support market today